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Our mission

Live Science and Technology learning program with the best academic mentors.

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Who we are

We are a group of well-meaning, passionate people who love science and care about creating a positive, mean-shift impact in education.

We believe science is not just a subject but a way of thinking, a philosophy, an approach towards life. Science, when taught well, not just provides a framework to understand the world but also shapes thinking.

Why do we exist

We believe children deserve better opportunities to study science well. After all, all the big problems we face today as human beings - clean energy, climate change, diseases, shortage of food and water, have answers in science. We exist to inspire kids to study science by inculcating a genuine curiosity and interest in learning.

Exposure to science at a young age can propel any child to do more, be better, and overcome any obstacle that stands between them and their goal. That’s what we’re building - a generation-full of scientific thinkers.

Our Approach

We aim for every learner to build real, measurable science skills and use them in all aspects of their life.

To instill these skills, we offer -

  • Proprietary curriculum that is aligned to school but is not limited by a board/standard
  • Classes that focus on teaching by building and experimenting with real hardware
  • Mentors from the team premier institutes, who not only teach well but are also role models for the child
  • Rigorous learning program where the child gets enough practice and revision to cement the concepts
  • Assessments to identify key strengths and areas of improvement
  • Global community of peer learners to learn from each other

All combined - we call it the CurioEd edge

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Take a peek behind the curtain

Mahima Sharma
Mentor Ecosystem
Delhi University. Unacademy, UrbanCompany, KPMG
Mansi Tomar
Customer Success
College of Engineering Roorkee. UrbanCompany, O.N.G.C
University of Mumbai. Teach For India, Mullen Lowe Lintas
Sharanya Sharma
Mentor Training
Delhi University. Teach for India
Stuti Jain
Entrepreneur in Residence
Delhi University. Akanksha Foundation, Pearson Education, Naandi
Sai Sachit Pathak
Curriculum Design
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Gaurav Arora
IIM Ahmedabad, NIT Nagpur. Disney+Hotstar, Nearbuy (Groupon)
Himanshu Arora
IIM Ahmedabad, PEC. Mckinsey, Booz Consulting, UrbanCompany & BlaBlaCar
Ishita Kumar
Learning Experience
IIT Delhi. Teach For India, TFIx